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As a Certified Executive and Life Coach, I will join you on the journey to discover, then live your values!

Success starts with connected-ness and the ability to build richer, fuller relationships, with ourselves and with others.

You make a difference, but NOT when you are standing in your own way.


Dana has been exceptional in helping me activate my goals. She has helped me I could not recommend anyone more highly than Dana – she is not only an amazing person, both kind and wise, she is also talented in business and can see through the chaos and clutter that can materialize in our lives as obstacles.


Dana was amazing at helping find my inner conflicts, confront them, and identify a path to becoming the best version of myself. Through her questions and listening, we were able to uncover the nuggets that I didn’t see below.


Dana is a powerful, curious and insightful coach. She has helped me tremendously to clear the path on a few key issues. She has a natural way of asking powerful questions that make you think and improve yourself. I am very grateful for the coaching she has given me.

Coaching and Workshops

Dana conducts webinars and workshops in these topics

Mastering the Art of Human-ness in Project Management

Everything we do starts with human connection. The ability to create a safe environment, demonstrate good listening and ask powerful questions will bring you richer and fuller relationships—both with yourself and those around you. You make a difference, but not when you are standing in your own way.

How do we have powerful communications and achieve greater humanness? And how do we develop stronger leadership and have better project management?
Mastering the Art of Human-ness in Project Management

Mastering the Art of Creating Resilience

Your life starts the moment you choose it. The goal of this webinar is to empower self-discovery, learn to diffuse the outside noise, and build resiliency. A practical worksheet will accompany the presentation so you can envision a plan to move forward with our own situation.

Resilience comes from within and it is a skill you can master. It starts with mindset and the ability to choose thoughts and emotions that support your goals. You cannot change what happens in the world, but if you master the skill set outlined below, you build resilience and can withstand the storm.

Mastering the Art of Having Difficult Conversations

What would it it look like if the intent of your conversations were communicated more clearly so the receiver happily understands?

There are a lot of internal factors that make YOUR idea of a conversation seem either difficult or easy. Because, really, labeling something as “easy” or as being hard is actually in your head.

Mastering the Art of Conflict Resolution

Recall conflicts you’ve had about salaries, promotions, evaluations, team members, being over or under managed. Projects that were too tough or too boing. And once in a while, throw in a pot stirrer or someone being insubordinate for no reason.

How do we more effectively get to the other side of conflict to create a better, more productive and more fun work environment?

Mastering the Art of Negotiation

If your entire existence is about making life easier for others, or sincerely make them feel good during a transaction, what benefits would you reap?

I am not saying you have to do this all the time… you just have to do this when you want something.

Mastering the Art of Contracts

What would it look like if you were able to bring your project vision to life? How do you gain confidence in reading or writing a contract?

Get peace of mind that your vendor knows your vision in writing and you have confidence that they will deliver that result.

Mastering the Art of Ethics

HOW do we know what is truly an ethical issue? AND HOW do we develop standards for behavior to help us make powerful AND mindful choices – because ethics is our choice.

No one can force us to do something we do not want. But how do you know what is right?

Mastering the Art of Mediation

Ask yourself: WHAT type of leader do you want to be? WHAT approach will make your team more effective? You have many conflict resolution options - which will allow you to get back to being a productive team?

You need them to build a bridge to be stronger teammates and for THEM to learn how best to communicate with one another so they don’t end up in the same spot.
Mastering the Art of Mediation

Certified Executive Coach

Success starts with connected-ness and the ability to build richer, fuller relationships, with ourselves and with others. You make a difference, but NOT when you are standing in your own way.

As an executive coach, my goal is to help you find your inner balance. Learn more.....
Certified Executive Coach

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