1. Dana is an amazing person who really listens intently and truly cares about your wellbeing. I highly recommend her services because she is really inspiring and very knowledgeable about how people can get stuck or lost in negative patterns in personal and professional situations. She really gives outstanding guidance and tools to encourage you rethink and make positive changes. Thank you Dana for all that you do for Everyone!!!

  2. Dana has been exceptional in helping me activate my goals. She has helped me make the ambiguous, clearer. The path for me straighter. And has been instrumental with her insights in making me a better me.

  3. Dana was amazing at helping find my inner conflicts, confront them, and identify a path to becoming the best version of myself. Through her questions and listening, we were able to uncover the nuggets that I didn’t see below.

  4. Dana is a powerful, curious and insightful coach. She has helped me tremendously to clear the path on a few key issues. She has a natural way of asking powerful questions that make you think and improve yourself. I am very grateful for the coaching she has given me.

  5. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Dana – she is not only an amazing person, both kind and wise, she is also talented in business and can see through the chaos and clutter that can materialize in our lives as obstacles.

  6. Dana was such a great help to me; she helped me realize the answers I didn’t know I had. In the time i spoke with her, it was easy to tell that she is passionate and committed to helping others unlock their potential and combat self doubt to lead a better, more fulfilling life.

  7. Right on time! Are the best words to describe my experience thus far. She has opened my eyes to really think about what I truly want for my future. Her approach gets the wheels turning. Never has she not been prompt, truly reliable and attentive. I’m happy we’ve found each other.

  8. I’ve been working with Dana now for over 3 months and cannot express how much of a difference she has made in my life. She came to me through a referral from a friend and being that I was going through insanely tough times (struggling with choices to make surrounding my business of over 20+ years due to COVID impact, a recent move far from that business, and a new marriage), I decided to give it a try. I cannot say enough how Dana helped me and continues to help me make choices about my life to bring happiness, rather than choices made due to false expectations I had in my mind of others for me – and every week our sessions help me in designing and constructing a life of joy, simplicity and happiness rather than stress, anxiety and a life of choices made because I felt that I had to due to others. Dana is smart, patient, articulate and cares. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone struggling with happiness, choices, and figuring out their direction.

  9. Working with Dana as my coach has been very helpful to me from session 1! She has helped me tremendously to see the clear picture on how to achieve and determine how to prioritize my goals. I felt comfortable talking with Dana from the beginning. She is great at asking questions that make you think about the important aspects in your life. She really helped me improve myself from my core. I am very grateful for the coaching she has given me and I cannot wait for my next session!

  10. After spending years brooding over the past that could not be altered but succeeded in holding me back from moving forward. I met Dana. She had the exceptional ability to connect instantly. She intently listens and asks questions that are thoughtful and that challenge me. These questions led to discoveries, the “Eureka” moments. They brought value to my life and how I choose to move forward. She helped me to recognize the battles I have been fighting in my mind and nudged me to me being aware of the choices I have and can make. She keeps me grounded by asking questions about “choosing a mindset.” She steered me to uncover my “happy place” that calms my mind and makes my heart sing.

    She is my guardian angel and it is good to have her have on my side.

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