1. Dana is an amazing person who really listens intently and truly cares about your wellbeing. I highly recommend her services because she is really inspiring and very knowledgeable about how people can get stuck or lost in negative patterns in personal and professional situations. She really gives outstanding guidance and tools to encourage you rethink and make positive changes. Thank you Dana for all that you do for Everyone!!!

  2. Dana has been exceptional in helping me activate my goals. She has helped me make the ambiguous, clearer. The path for me straighter. And has been instrumental with her insights in making me a better me.

  3. Dana was amazing at helping find my inner conflicts, confront them, and identify a path to becoming the best version of myself. Through her questions and listening, we were able to uncover the nuggets that I didn’t see below.

  4. Dana is a powerful, curious and insightful coach. She has helped me tremendously to clear the path on a few key issues. She has a natural way of asking powerful questions that make you think and improve yourself. I am very grateful for the coaching she has given me.

  5. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Dana – she is not only an amazing person, both kind and wise, she is also talented in business and can see through the chaos and clutter that can materialize in our lives as obstacles.

  6. Dana was such a great help to me; she helped me realize the answers I didn’t know I had. In the time i spoke with her, it was easy to tell that she is passionate and committed to helping others unlock their potential and combat self doubt to lead a better, more fulfilling life.

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