Mike Boucher, PMP, CSM, CSPO, Six Sigma, CPHIMS, PEManager Regulatory Programs at NextGen Healthcare: I enjoyed your PMI webinar, Mastering the Art of Negotiations. Your content and presentation style make it easy to come away with ideas to put into practice.

Ruth Marina López PérezProject Manager en PMCollege de Nicaragua: The webinars presented in the web site of PMI are excellent. I recommend attend her webinars, because the content are enriching, motivate learning and put it into practice for management better the projects. Dana makes great work!

Anthony Swain, PhD, PMP Project Coordinator at MedAvante-ProPhase: I came across Dana while fulfilling my PDU requirements for my PMP qualification. Dana is a popular contributor on ProjectManagment.com and has produced a series of webinars that are a joy to listen to. At this moment I have listened to four of Dana’s webinars; Conflict Resolution, Mastering the Art of Having Difficult Conversations – Part 1 and Part 2, and Mastering the Art of Negotiations. I am very much looking forward to her future speaking contributions on ProjectManagement.com and wherever else I come across her. 

Trevor Porter, PMP Global PMO Leader, BMS Supervisors, Tools, and Services at Honeywell: Thank you Dana for another outstanding webinar in the series “Mastering the Art of Negotiations”! Your structured, systematic approach lays a very clear and easy to understand foundation for your viewers. The reference material is a very nice added bonus. Thank you again and keep up the great work! Your webinars are amongst the best I’ve seen on ProjectManagement.com.

Mark Konold Energy & Climate Change Specialist | Founder Jakinda Consulting: I attended Dana’s webinar on having difficult conversations. Her strategies and insights are incredibly valuable additions to techniques and training I have been trying to put into practice. She made the material very accessible with relevant anecdotes from her personal and professional life. Her enthusiasm and mastery of the subject matter comes through loud and clear, which only adds to the value of an online session. I’m very much looking forward to her future presentations

María Martínez Valado, PhD, PMP Emerging Businesses Program Project Leader at imec: I have recently attended a PMI’s presentation given by Dana, and enjoyed it very much. She discussed many strategies and practical examples on how to manage people in a conflict situation. She demonstrated expertise in project management, emotional intelligence or people management, as well as great communication skills. I am looking forward to her next webinar.

Amy Maxson Quality Assurance Analyst at Assurant: Dana gave engaging examples and innovative strategies on dealing with difficult people. Someone telling you to reframe your perspective is different than learning HOW to reframe it. Dana teaches “the how” well!

Yvonne Munyan – MBA, LSSGB Problem Solver * Finance * Procurement * 6 Sigma * IT * Operations * Project Mgmt * Supplier Diversity * Consultant: I attended one of Dana’s PMI presentations and thoroughly enjoyed her presentation; she shared many great ideas and demonstrated project management expertise. Her clarity of thought and demonstrated were well executed. I can’t wait to participate in upcoming presentations

Fan Yang, PMP – Business Analyst: I recently attended one of Dana’s PMI presentation about “how to win a resolution when there is a conflict”. I enjoyed a lot, she shared some great ideas about how to think about conflicts and how to guide the “other side” to the middle. Looking forward to her next presentation.

Rhea Simon, CMP, President at Rhea Simon Presents, Inc: To this day, I still evoke the lessons of budgeting and contracting, that I learned over a decade ago, under the tutelage of Dana Bernstein. These two business categories are probably the most important in meeting and event planning. Dana’s instruction of these principles have allowed me to become a more savvy negotiator, and I would recommend her expertise to any business professional looking to improve their skills

Sydney Harper, MSPM • – at Amazon Web Services (AWS)2w: Just finished Dana Lynn Bernstein, MA, CMP, PMP Lynn Bernstein’s session, “Mastering the Art of Human-ness in Project Management” from #PMXPO2020 !
Highly recommended if you have the opportunity to hear this presentation. Packed with great tips and questions to ask yourself if you want to push towards being a better PM!

Michele Taverna • 2ndR&D Director, PMP® at Re Mago LTD1w • 1 week agoI continue sharing some content from the 13th edition of #PMXPO 2020, the annual virtual conference promoted by Project Management Institute, held on March 26th.

My favorite slide no. 2, is from “MASTERING THE ART OF HUMAN-NESS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Serving Others Through Powerful Communications” session presented by Dana Lynn Bernstein, MA, CMP, PMP.

Good leaders has to lead teams helping the organization to grow in the right direction, resolve internal conflicts, negotiate with customers and stakeholders, manage heterogeneous people at various levels. Leaders can guide to achieve a great company culture. They are ethical and honest, they are proud of their behavior. It’s not easy to be a good leader…

Tammi Boyd, PMPProject Manager, Realtor & MinisterJuly 23, 2021, Dana Lynn was a client of Tammi’sI recently facilitated a call, to which Dana spoke with the Project Management Network which is an Employee Resource Group within AT&T. She gave some very insightful tips on Mastering the Art of Creating a Resilient Mindset. Her spirit is so calming and the advice she shared was invaluable. I highly recommend Dana! I have picked up some great tips from her, some that I refer to a lil more frequently than others. She is a great coach and I look forward to working with her again in the future. 


  1. Dana is a natural presenter and communicator.
    I enjoyed all her presentations at the PMEXPO. My favorite was “Mastering the Art of Human-ness in Project Management”
    Excellent job, Dana.

  2. Excellent presentation at PMEXPO2020, really helpful. Thanks 🙂

  3. Dana presentation Resilient Mind Set was one of the few presentation that I have affected with since long time. I encourage everyone who seeking solving internal conflicts to get the experience of it

  4. Excellent webinar .

    Great creativity and value proposed …
    Such an apt analogy in the iceberg effect which is so close to reality .

    Keep it up !

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