As a conflict resolution coach, I partner with you to create space in order to

  • Examine the external conflict.
  • Manage and calm inner conflict so you do not fight with yourself
  • Allow a shift in your mindset.
  • Envision the ideal outcome and then enroll “the other side” as a partner.
  • Reduce the stress to better manage difficult conversations.
  • Create resilience and take the next step toward innovation.

Where are you?

How much time do we waste thinking about, avoiding or worrying about conflict and what does that do to your work environment? Conflict does not generally go away unless you actively manage it. The conversations are not always easy, but getting a resolution feels good, especially if you both walk away satisfied.

As your coach, we will explore how to have productive conversations so you create a framework where you can be successful in achieving your vision. 

You will explore what drives you and what stops you when faced with conflict and create space to embrace your natural style.


  • Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution.
  • Court Appointed Mediatior in the county court.
  • Created and presented webinars to over 40,000 listeners on conflict resolution, difficult conversations, and mediation.
  • Delivered workshops on conflict resolution and managing difficult conversations.
  • An absolute love of studying conflict and creating possibilities by embracing conflict in order to build bridges.

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