It’s about conflict… you want to change your career, but maybe you hold yourself back…. through coaching, let’s explore how to live a values-driven life.

If you have lived your life along well-defined lines over the last 15+ years and are ready to explore creating a life that is more aligned with your values, I can help you navigate a successful midlife change into an unprecedented opportunity for inner growth. The outcome is you connect with your desires and become a more independent, self-directed person.

You may have a vague idea about what the rest of your life looks like (not many of us gets up one morning with a full-fledged vision and then follows a straight path to realize it). There could be a lot of fear, confusion, and trials and errors on the road to transformation. I can help you navigate through the uncertainty.

Through coaching, you will learn how to take the time to look at your inner conflict, listen to yourself, map possibilities, and create your new life with care. Your journey can take odd twists and turns before you end up in a satisfying place. But, changing basic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions requires a partner who has been there before.

I’ve been where you are at and can be your accountability partner so you can find your inner voice to achieve success. My life has been about creating then embracing these transitions. In my 20’s, I went from an insane work schedule for a pharma company, to being a stay-at-home-mom and building a family-run animal hospital, then transitioning back to work in a non-profit world, and to opening my coaching company, I have purposefully followed my passions and understand how to build possibilities from ideas and can help you on this next phase.

You have gone through crises over the span of your career that seemed insurmountable at the time. Through these crises, you discovered your strengths, put things in perspective, and now can deal with issues with much greater self-assurance. You emerged with self-awareness and resilience – and you will discover how to use your experiences as a launching pad.

To be productive, dreams must be connected to your potential.  In our coaching sessions, we’ll examine ways to help you make the transition into your “second life.” The more you are aware of the skills you developed over the course of your work life, the more you can take advantage of these opportunities to reexamine your most basic assumptions. When you mindfully quiet the outside noise, you will create a successful life or career change that is more aligned with your values.

In our lives or careers, we may feel like a butterfly in a cocoon – safe but confined (and maybe we’re just waiting for someone else to release us).  You have the power to pivot.  To create a new mindset, I will help you prepare for your “second life” so you can draw on your knowledge, skills, and interests so you create a life that you choose. True transformation and mastering self-actualization is achieved through effort, putting your head and heart in the same direction, and learning to listen to your inner self. Believe in yourself.

You CAN Dare to Live Brave

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