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I will give you strategies on how to win at resolving conflicts, because they are part of life.

We will dive deeper into the underbelly and explore PRACTICAL ideas on how to actually deal with conflict and create a STRUCTURE/PLAN to have more productive conversations through principled negotiations.

You’ve dealt with conflict all your life. However, even though we’ve dealt with conflict, we still get STUCK.

Conflicts are time consuming (both emotionally and real time). But, think back on issues from 5 years ago – they now seem inconsequential. Most conflict is resolvable.

Recall conflicts you’ve had about salaries, promotions, evaluations, team members, being over or under managed. Projects that were too tough or too boing. And once in a while, throw in a pot stirrer or someone being insubordinate for no reason. How do we more effectively get to the other side of conflict to create a better, more productive and more fun work environment?