Develop Empowering Habits

Your life starts the moment you choose it.  The goal of this webinar is to empower self-discovery, learn to diffuse the outside noise, and build resiliency. A practical worksheet will accompany the presentation so you can envision a plan to move forward with our own situation. 

Resilience comes from within and it is a skill you can master. It starts with mindset and the ability to choose thoughts and emotions that support your goals. You cannot change what happens in the world, but if you master the skill set outlined below, you build resilience and can withstand the storm.

The skill sets you will work on:

  1. Habits, Happiness and Resilience: to empathize with yourself and others and bring compassion and understanding to any situation; by connecting with yourself, you start building resilience. You will then learn to build habits that support you
  2. Values: how to choose, and then navigate, a path that best aligns with your values
  3. Perception: how to create new perspectives and outside-the-box solutions
  4. Manage Emotions: Which are the heart of why things are difficult
  5. Action and Questions to Ask to Get Started: to activate and take decisive action without the distress, interference, or distractions

These are additional areas we will discuss to help you gain clarity and recenter yourself:

  • Conflict is usually the reason why you need to build resilience: something is not going your way; you are not living your values; life threw a curve ball; or the pandemic!!  We will dismantle conflict into manageable parts and outline actionable ways forward when faced with conflict.
  • You do not have to be THE leader to be A leader. Your life is the most important project there is, and you are its project lead. When you choose to listen to your own voice and stay grounded in what matters to you, there is greater synergy.

My background:

  • ICF Certified Executive and Life Coach (ACC) – Rutgers University
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Masters in Dispute Resolution. Which means I can look at a conflict both externally with someone and as a life coach, I can partner with you to look at your internal conflicts.