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Everything we do starts with human connection. The ability to create a safe environment, demonstrate good listening and ask powerful questions will bring you richer and fuller relationships—both with yourself and those around you. You make a difference, but not when you are standing in your own way.

How do we have powerful communications and achieve greater humanness? And how do we develop stronger leadership and have better project management?

In this workshop, you will learn how to create a safe environment by building trust with integrity and authenticity; find your own purpose by asking great questions of yourself and explore the answers to unlock what stops us (and ask others focused questions, with the goal of unleashing their potential); and get better connected by discovering how to unearth powerful communication techniques to master humanness in a world where about ~93% of communication is non-verbal.

Ask yourself: Do you live your life in accordance with your values? Does you have inner balance and if so, does it match your outer balance? And if not, how can you re-discover who you are (or who you aspire to be)?