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To be a successful negotiator, you need to have a relationship with the person with whom you are negotiating.

Building Trust and being humorous are my personal go-to’s. And Details. Details are critical so you make it easier for the other person.

If your entire existence is about making life easier for others, or sincerely make them feel good during a transaction, what benefits would you reap? I am not saying you have to do this all the time… you just have to do this when you want something.

And a caveat to measure success: Just focus on HOW well your OWN short and long term interests are met. That’s the point: to meet your own needs, not necessarily to do better than the other. Most negotiations take place are in the context of long-term relationships. If you are always asking: “Who’s winning?”, THAT relationship is in serious trouble.

In this workshop, we will have fun learning the negotiation basics. And learn practical skills that will give you confidence.


Trevor Porter, PMPGlobal PMO Leader, BMS Supervisors, Tools, and Services at Honeywell, Thank you Dana for another outstanding webinar in the series “Mastering the Art of Negotiations”! Your structured, systematic approach lays a very clear and easy to understand foundation for your viewers. The reference material is a very nice added bonus. Thank you again and keep up the great work! Your webinars are amongst the best I’ve seen on 

Mike Boucher, PMP, CSM, CSPO, Six Sigma, CPHIMS, PE Manager Regulatory Programs at NextGen Healthcare: I enjoyed your PMI webinar, Mastering the Art of Negotiations – Part 2, on Sept 6. Your content and presentation style make it easy to come away with ideas to put into practice.