How much time do you waste thinking about, avoiding, or worrying about conflict?

What does that do to your life?

Conflict does not generally go away unless you actively manage it. The conversations are not always easy, but getting a resolution feels good, especially if you both walk away satisfied.

As your coach, we will explore how to have productive conversations so you create a framework where you can be successful in achieving your vision. 

You will explore what drives you and what stops you when faced with conflict and create space to embrace your natural style.

As a conflict resolution coach, I partner with you to create space in order to

  • – Examine the external conflict.
  • – Calm your internal conflict so you do not fight with yourself. 
  • – Allow a purposeful shift in your mindset.
  • – Reduce your stress.
  • – Manage having difficult conversations.
  • – Create resilience and take the next step toward innovation.

One life. Just one.  That’s all you get. 

Are you ready to play a different kind of game? One that elevates your whole life? You have the power to transform your thoughts or stress into fuel towards your goals.

What would life look like if you followed your passion? Lived life without fear?  What if you took “bad experiences,” embraced “uncomfortable,” then converted them into the energy and strength to fuel your dreams?  Can these questions start giving you a window into what’s possible? Questions that you may have never thought about can unlock the strength and courage to build a life with purpose around your values.

It’s do-able. You’re capable. You have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to because you’ve done it before. “Stuck” is a choice. What does it look like to live a brave life?  Will you allow yourself to feel the joy of that freedom?

Name it. Own it. Then choose it or change it. The work in coaching is about learning and then “owning” the “thing” that stopped you and replacing it with a new, more powerful story.  My goal is to be your accountability partner on your journey to self-discovery.

Working together you will discover how to find joy then live your values. You’ll re-discover yourself in a new light and build strong inner connections so your inner world matches the new direction you take your life.  

The end goal of our coaching sessions is to have self-transformation to create sustainable, positive change.

One life. Just one. WHO is stopping you from running towards your wildest dreams (and why do you allow it)? I’m ready to help you dive in as you Dare to Live Brave!