Following my passion is something I have always subconsciously done. For me, it was a natural escape when life hit me hard. I just chose to go to my “happy place.”  To create a new “something,” learn a new skill, or volunteer to help humanity – those are my joys. From there, unexpected opportunities became available; then my adventurous side took over and I jumped in. This cycle of re-discovering myself with each new “thing” allowed me to identify sooner when I start becoming complacent then change course, grow, and learn about building deeper connections.

A new world opened after I gained new skills in an ICF coaching class,. Through coaching, I am able to help you find your joy so you can live your values. Re-discover yourself in a new light.  Build strong inner connections so your inner world matches the direction you take your life.

I have an expertise in helping people think about their problems and find the unanswered questions that drive our lives. I bring with me a keen sense of listening and a wide range of skills that help you to untangle complex challenges.

The 4 pillars I declared are: community, passion, laughter and peace. And that is how I live my life.  I’d love to help you on your journey!

As a certified coach, I provide one-on-one sessions to help you create sustainable results by exploring what it looks like to live your values, develop strategies to achieve personal and professional goals, and tap into your potential to become a more effective leader. I bring with me a keen sense of listening and a wide range of skills that help you to untangle complex challenges and help you achieve your dreams.

As a speaker/trainer, my goal is to teach practical skills so you walk away with a solid foundation on how to build excellent teams at any level.

For projects, my specialties are: bringing calm to chaos. Exceptional planning, negotiating and communication skills; and a skilled eye towards writing contracts, conservative budgeting, and producing revenue.

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